Round 2 I had the pleasure of watching the battle of Stephens with Murray on Mono Black Torment of Scarabs and Boyle on Esper Value

Boyle wins the die roll and chooses to play, both players keep 7.

Boyle leads on Evolving Wilds into Murrays Swamp, Boyle plays 2nd evo wild and searches for Island and Plains. Murray play Dusk Legion Zealot (DLZ) on his second turn.

Boyle meets this with a T3 sailor of means, gets a treasure and passes.

Murray has a much more exciting T3 with an Aethersphere Harvester, gains 2 energy and passes.

Boyle sacs his treasure and plays T4 cloudblazer, drawing 2 cards and gaining two life bringing life totals to 22 – 19.

Murray uses his turn 4 to play his decks name sake card, Torment of Scarabs and passes.

Boyle pays 3 life in upkeep, plays a DLZ for even more card draw and follows it up with another Sailor of Means.

Murrays 5th Turn is taken up by playing another Torment of Scarabs, this will be hard for Boyle to overcome even with his large card advantage.

Boyles turn 6 starts by sacking DLZ and paying 3 life, he then plays Hostage Taker stealing Aethersphere and casting it using Treasure opening the way for clean attacks and swinging the momentum in his favour. Life totalas are 15-15

Murray plays another DLZ followed by Unburden… Boyle pauses to read the card and then discards an island and a plains. Murray is really turning the screws with these Torments.

Boyle crews Aethersphere Harvester in upkeep, sacs the crewing Sailor and pays 3 more life. In his main phase he casts Golden Demise, ASCENDS and looks at Murray. Murray casts Supernatural Stamina on one of his DLZ and draws a card. Boyle crashes in with his team taking Murray down to 4.

Murray draws and concedes joking the DLZ and Swamp draw just didn’t cut it. Boyle retorts with he only came here because he heard Nekratal and Mulldrifter were both legal in this format.

They shuffle up for Game 2, Murray chooses to play

Murray mulligans to 6 and keeps, Boyle keeps his 7.

Murray plays T1 Forsaken Sanctuary answered by a tapped land from Boyle.

Murray T2 plays swamp and passes, Boyle plays Evolving Wild and passes.

Turn 3 Murray plays a Cradle of the Accursed (which Boyle needs to read) and then Unburdens his opponent. Boyle discards Sunscourged Champion and Island.

Boyle plays a plains and passes.

Murray plays a T4 Gifted Aetherborn which gets Fatally Pushed. Boyle continues to do nothing on his own turn except playing a land and passing.

Murray opens his 5th turn by Duressing his opponent seeing a hand of Moment of Craving, Scarab God and 2 Tapped Lands. He takes the Craving plays a DLZ and passes.

Boyle draws Hostage Taker for turn but opts to just play a land and pass.

Murray misses his land drop and plays a Torment of Scarabs and passes.

Boyle pays 3 life in his upkeep, plays a tapped land, cast Scarab God and passes. Murray plays a Chupacabra killing Scrab God and passes, Scarab God doesn’t stay dead long though and returns to Boyles hand.

Boyle pays 3 more in his upkeep falling to 12, plays Hostage Taker on DLZ and casts it; drawing a card and falling to 11.  It’s at this point Boyle stops and reads Cradle of the Accursed again before passing turn.

Murray finally hits his 5th land and slams Lillianna Deaths Majesty into play, ticking the walker up and making a zombie.

Boyle pays 3 life in his upkeep plays a Sailor of Means and The Scarab God and passes it back.  Murray draws his card and tanks for a long time on how he is going to overcome the god facing him down. He plays another Chupacabra killing The Scarab God again, +1s Lilianna milling over 2 lands and making another zombie.

Boyle begins his turn by paying 3 more life going to 5 (against Murrays 19) replays Scarab God and passes with 4 open mana.

Murray continues to tick up his planeswalker to 8, milling more lands and Unburdens Boyles last card (a swamp). Boyle activates The Scarab God reviving Gifted Aethnborn as a 4/4 under his control.  I n his upkeep Boyle sacrifices treasure to Torment of Scarabs but now looks set to torment Murray with the overwhelming card advantage from his The SCARAB God. Scrying and draining Murray before attacking Lilianna forcing many of Murrays Zombies to die trying to protect her. Boyle plays a Chupacabra killing Murrays Chupacabra. Murray cycles Wander in Death in Boyles end step digging for an answer.

All Murray can do on his turn is activate Lilianna milling two my lands, not providing The Scarab God with any more food and creating another zombie. Boyle uses Scarab God to revive Chupacabra killing Murrays last dog beast.

In Boyles upkeep he sacrifices Hostage Taker to Torment and instantly revives it removing a zombie token, he then reanimate the other Chupacabra killing the final zombie and attacking Murray directly ignoring his Planeswalker tieing life totals at 9.

Murray -7s his Lilianna to mop up the board but leaves a number of 4/4 Scarab God monstrosities in play that make quick work of the game over the next few turns.

Stevie Boyle wins 2-0!